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New Home for the Holidays 2022

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New Home for the Holidays 2022

Since 2018, the Rise Real Estate Group has been putting on an event called New Home for the Holidays. This event stemmed from the team’s passion of wanting to give back to the community in a personal way. They realized that their homes are their safe spaces, and to be able to provide that feeling to someone who did not have that would make a significant impact. Now every year around the holiday season, they select a family and renovate their house in order to make it feel like a home. This year is the 4th year of the annual event and the first since rebranding and including the newest team members of the combined Wood and Rise Real Estate Group.

A nomination period opens up over the summer, which includes individuals from all over the Valley nominating anyone they know who owns their home and is struggling financially, physically, or emotionally. The pool of nominees is then narrowed down to a top three, where the team meets with the families and previews their home. From there, based on the renovations needed, the intensity of the families’ needs, and the time it would take to do the renovations, the team selects one winning home and family. Then, in November each year the winning family or individual is sent away to a resort for the weekend and the Wood and Rise Real Estate Group come in with as many volunteers as possible and completely renovate the home in TWO days!

The family that has been selected this year has owned their home in Phoenix since the 1980s and it has been in their family for over 50+ years. They have had three generations live in the home and their grandfather and great-grandfather added multiple additions to the home in order to make it big enough to always have room for any family who needed space. Currently, the house is home to the family’s grandmother, mother, and her two sons who are 4 and 6 years old.

The selected family contemplated selling the home but ended up taking it off the market due to not wanting to give up the memories and sentimental value it holds. As you can imagine with a home of this age, it is outdated and needs major renovations, so they attempted to relocate to a small apartment and try to tackle some of the renovations themselves, but the projects proved to be too big and costly for them to manage on their own. The family’s mother works two jobs, and the grandma works full-time and overtime, so managing a home renovation on top of that became difficult. We are honored to be able to help this family upgrade their beloved home!

Wanting to get into the giving spirit and get involved? There are plenty of ways to help! This year, the home renovation will take place on the weekend of November 5 and 6. The big home reveal will be on the evening of Sunday, November 6 around 7pm. If you are interested in helping the Wood and Rise Real Estate Group with the project this year, they will need volunteers on both days as well as tons of donations in order to make the event come together. Check out the links below to learn more information about how you sign up to volunteer, donate, or partner with this great program!

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