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Top 5 Most Popular Themes From Client Reviews

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Top 5 Most Popular Themes From Client Reviews

What can you expect when you work with the Wood Real Estate Team? It is easy to see that the team members of our real estate team are consistent when it comes to delivering an astounding experience to our clients. Let’s review some of the most common traits that our clients have noticed.


There is a reason that the Wood Real Estate Team motto is “Because Experience Matters”. One of the things that our past clients remark upon is that we have a high level of experience that other teams might not. Our team leader Rodney Wood has over 20 years of real estate experience and has seen almost everything. He worked as a solo agent through the 2008 housing crisis and great recession and was able to come through the recession even stronger. Over a decade later, Rodney and our team of nine other agents continue to thrive. Collectively, we have over 100 years of experience and when newer agents join the group, they are able to tap into the experiences of the more veteran agents.  We assist each other with questions and advice, which helps even the newest of agents become experts in no time. Experience is important for home buying and selling because you want to have someone who knows how to best market, communicate, and represent the homes and the clients.


Another common theme across the client testimonials is that the Wood Real Estate Team is extremely professional. As soon as a client reaches out to work with one of our real estate agents, they can expect the agent to be responsive via text, phone, and email. We are always available to discuss concerns or worries with our clients and guide them through the sometimes-confusing real estate process. Each of our team members are able to give you one-on-one attention and service that makes you feel like you are their only client.

In addition to the professional real estate services that the Wood Real Estate Team provides, we also recognize the value of surrounding ourselves with other industry professionals. We strongly believe in using professional staging when needed and in always using professional photography services. We think that adds value in trying to sell a home quickly and for top dollar.


Knowledge is another important aspect of real estate. Agents need to have knowledge of several market areas, how to best market a home to sell it, and how to negotiate with other realtors for the best deals, among a mountain of other things. The Wood Real Estate Team agents are not only knowledgeable experts in Eastmark and the East Valley communities, but have helped home buyers and sellers across the state of Arizona. The reason that the we are so knowledgeable is because we have surrounded ourselves with experience and are able to use our past encounters to guide us through the future.

This is also why it is important to work with a licensed professional for real estate transactions. Often times, people think they can handle the process on their own, but it makes a difference when you have someone who has been there before to help guide you through processes and possible bumps in the road.


A good majority of our clients are based off referrals. The agents on our team have worked with several repeat clients, including numerous buying and selling transactions over the years. In the real estate industry, reputation is paramount and neighbors in Eastmark and the East Valley have grown to know the Wood Real Estate Team as honest, trustworthy, and effective real estate agents. That is why past clients are not only likely to use the teams’ real estate services in the future, but they will also recommend these services to family and friends who may also be looking for a realtor.


Finally, one of the biggest things that all the agents of the Wood Real Estate Team focus on is finding their client not just a house, but a home. It is one of the many reasons that we love what we do. Whether it’s helping first-time, newlywed home buyers walk through the process of buying or helping a military family that is relocating again to buy or sell, the Wood Real Estate Team likes to focus on the clients and their needs first. It is often our small and thoughtful touches that help take the Wood Real Estate team above the competition.

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