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Food Truck Owners in Eastmark

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Top restaurants and food trucks near Eastmark, Mesa Arizona.

Food Truck Owners in Eastmark

Food trucks have grown in popularity in recent years and we have several food truck owners that reside in the Eastmark community! Check out the list below to see the diverse group of trucks:

Brightside Burgers

Brightside Burgers is a food truck owned by Angela Zibert, Chef Nick McGinness and Chef Adam Allison. Not only is Chef Allison recognized for his resume as a Food Network Chopped winner, Chopped Champion contestant, and personal chef/caterer to the Super Bowl for 6 years running, but he also takes pride in being a chef for his local ventures like Brightside Burgers. In fact, the owners decided to open a food truck to collaborate with another locally owned business called Cider Corp, a veteran owned cidery currently open in Mesa with a planned expansion into the Gilbert area coming soon. Once Cider Corp opens that second Gilbert location, the Brightside Burger truck will be stationed there 7 days a week serving gourmet burgers, appetizers like poutine fries, chili cheese fries, and creative desserts. The new cidery and taproom will be located at 685 S. Gilbert Road Gilbert, AZ 85296. Until then, the burger truck will also be doing small neighborhood and local events, so look for it in a neighborhood near you! If you would like to reserve the Brightside Burgers truck for an event, contact Angela Zibert at (507) 382-2659.

Dog On It

Those with Midwest roots will love the Dog On It food truck! The owners, Kevin & Kristen Rice moved to Arizona 4 years ago from the Chicago area. They noticed the lack of varying food options in the Eastmark area and had discussed with their many Midwest-transplant neighbors about the food they used to enjoy back home. Kevin decided to leave his 20-year corporate position to try out their business concept of quality eats with a food truck and so far, it’s been a hit! The menu consists of many midwestern favorites like the #1 best-selling Chicago dog – a Vienna Beef dog complete with tomato slices, pickles, onions, sport peppers, relish, and mustard on a poppy seed bun. They also serve burgers, brats, Skyline chili items, Italian beef, and other delicious masterpieces. To find out where the Dog On It food truck will be, follow them on Facebook @DogOnItAz, look for them on the Street Food Finder app, or see if you can spot the Chicago flag painted on the red trailer anywhere throughout the Eastmark community. This veteran owned business loves to support and give back to the community and also loves to work with local organizations to help raise funds or awareness for their causes. To reach out to the truck to reserve them for an event or just to say hi, call 480-779-0380 or email dogonitaz@gmail.com.

Fat Stacks LLC

Fat Stacks is another delicious burger truck owned by Eastmark resident Remy Sharp along with Jack Jackson. Remy first opened this food truck business to fulfill a desire to serve fresh and amazing burgers to the Arizona community, as well as to follow his father’s dream of opening a food truck. The menu at Fat Stacks is made up of giant burgers utilizing grilled cheese as the buns and an array of loaded fries options. Everything is fresh and made from scratch. The food truck is busy in the local community and can often be found at the Tempe Food Courts (McClintock and University) or the sports complexes near Eastmark. To find their varying schedule each week, follow them on social media @fatstacksaz. To get in contact with Fat Stacks for a private event, call or text 480-420-8503 or email getstacked@fatstacksaz.com.


If you’re looking for a food truck that offers a large variety, Jefecito is the one! Owner Jorge Lizarraga is a trained executive chef with over a decade of work in the hospitality industry. Jorge and his family dreamt of opening a restaurant, but after the Covid pandemic, decided to pivot to buying a food truck, since there is less overhead involved. The food truck experience has turned out to be an amazing journey so far and allows Jorge and his family to provide customers restaurant quality food with the convenience of a food truck. The Jefecito truck offers selections of cuisines that include French, Indian, Asian, Latin, and Italian. The truck also offers custom menus depending on the occasion, from birthday party taco carts to 3-course meals for weddings. Their truck menu often includes hummus bowls, caprese sandwiches, pad Thai, samosas, or taquitos. Jorge and his family appreciate the love and the community support they have received so far and look forward to many excellent events together in the future. Their monthly calendar is on the Street Food Finder app and every Wednesday they post their weekly events on Instagram and Facebook @jefecitofoodtruck. To contact Jorge about reserving the Jefecito truck for any event, reach out through social media or through email at Jefecitofoodtruck@gmail.com.

Lady Java

Eastmark resident Kayla Viliborghi turned her love of coffee into a food truck business called Lady Java. She wanted to start the coffee truck because she loves interacting with her community and meeting so many different people. The Lady Java truck serves coffee and non-coffee beverages. The menu includes espresso, brewed coffee, chai, cold brew, energy drinks, frappes, teas, and more! There is always something for everyone. To find the specific weekly schedule or special events for Lady Java, follow on Instagram or Facebook @ladyjavacoffee. Every Tuesday and Thursday the truck is at the Cadence Community Center starting at 7am and every Wednesday it is parked at nearby Ironwood Crossing in Queen Creek at 7am. The Lady Java truck has recently started doing to-go orders as well, so even on days where you are unable to get to the truck there are options. To get in touch with Kayla, check out her website at www.ladyjavacoffee.com or email kayla@ladyjavacoffee.com.

Saguaros Tacos and Churros

Saguaros Tacos and Churros started because the owners, Mike Morales & Juan Cortez, wanted to share the authenticity and freshness of the true flavors of Mexico with their East Valley community. The Saguaros Tacos and Churros truck takes pride in having food that is fresh, made to order, and seasoned and cooked to perfection. The menu features classic street tacos with your choice of meat: steak (Asada), chicken, or pork (Al Pastor). To take the tacos up a notch, you can make them “Don Juan” style, with a crispy melted layer of fried Mexican blend cheese between the meat and tortilla. As they say, “once you try Don Juan, it will be hard to go back to classic”. For dessert you can enjoy a fresh-made churros with a crispy outside and buttery inside, covered in organic cane sugar and cinnamon mix. They’ve also recently added nachos to the menu for a crunchy, cheesy and meaty flavors all at once! The owners love to give back to the community as well, so they often participate in fundraising and sponsorship opportunities to support their East Valley community that they value tremendously. To find the Saguaros Tacos and Churros food truck, follow them on Facebook or Instagram at Saguarostacosychurros. They typically are in the Gilbert area near Williams Field/Recker or in Mesa near Springs at Red Mountain and can also be booked for private events by emailing saguarostacos@gmail.com.

Rollin’ In The Treats

Rollin’ in the Treats is a fun food truck concept started by Eastmark residents Jeremy and Christy Husmann in 2020. One day as they walked by the Eastmark Great Park and saw the baseball fields full of people and kids playing, Christy mentioned to Jeremy that there was nowhere close for these kids and families to grab a snack or a treat, and hence, the idea of Rollin’ in the Treats was born. Their goal was to provide something fun and delicious for families to enjoy in the community. After almost an entire year of building the trailer, the veteran-owned truck is now up and running! The menu at Rollin’ in the Treats consists of funnel cakes, funnel cones, ice cream, shaved ice, and smoothies. To find out where the treats will be during the week, follow them @rollininthetreats on Facebook and Instagram. To book this mobile sweet treat truck, send them a message on social media.


Follow along with all of these local food trucks to see where they will be parked next, it is a great way to get out and be involved in the community!